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The Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management (DN) and Nord-Trøndelag University College (HiNT) decided in autumn 2005 to apply Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) for financial support to arrange a Nordic-Russian conference with focus on protection and sustainable use of the last large intact forests in northwest Russia which is important to preserve western taiga biodiversity. The reason for this was partly that as Fennoscandian forests now are almost totally exploited over time, and very few and mostly also very small areas are left with pristine old-growth forests, Russia still have some large areas of forests lands left where ecological processes are still going on with only small impact of human activity (except for global air-pollution etc). Russian environment authorities, as well as Russian Forestry authorities have now, as well as Russian and Nordic NGO’s, and Nordic environmental authorities and Russian and Nordic research institutions have recognized that protection of these forests is important to have future possibilities to study natural ecological processes in western taiga forests, and to preserve its biodiver-sity. In addition – we have also observed and understood the fact that protection of such forests are complicated also by the fact that forestry activities is a basic for local communities as well as regional and national economy in North-West Russia. In this way socio-cultural values have to be addressed as well as environmental conservation needs. We wanted a conference to address both questions within the same audience, and as the institutions that finally agreed to join the conference project, we found the way to do so was to integrate a workshop to the conference part. The Conference is a joint project initiated by the Norwegian Director-ate of Nature Management (DN) and North-Trøndelag University College (HiNT) in cooperation with Archangelsk State Technical University (ASTU), Swedish Univ. of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Tampere Col-lege, Kuru Inst. of Forestry (TC-KIF) and Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) with Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) as a main sponsor. All institutions in responsibility for the conference have contributed finan-cially and/or practically. The Conference was hold in Steinkjer 4–6 December 2007 and the workshop in Lierne 6–7 December 2007 and some participants had the possibility to visit Trondheim and get information on forestry within a city in Trondheim at the 9 December 2007.

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